Sundered Skies

Session 04 - Weapon Run

The crew smuggles weapons onto Heartland

  • Boughbreaker Contacts
  • Heartland Weapon Exchange
  • Oakthorn Ambush

Boughbreaker Contacts

The Elven brothers Jeche and Jarle are Boughbreaker agents who operate out of the Windblown Flotsam tavern in Gateway. Their main objective is to obtain weapons and supplies salvaged from the Shattered City and send them to aid the Boughbreaker freedom fighters on Heartland. They are always on the lookout for smuggler crews willing to make the run.

The brothers identify Tylan as an elf sympathetic to their cause and ask him to carry a shipment of weapons to a Boughbreaker contact in Roseport. Tylan agrees and the Angel of Chaos is outfitted with hidden cargo compartments where the weapons are stored. With the cargo secured, the crew sets off for the elven home isle of Heartland.

Heartland Arms Deal

Heartland is a massive island covered in dense vegetation that reaches over the edges of the landmass like grasping hands. Access to the island is off limits for outsiders, except for the merchant city of Roseport. As the crew docks and enters the city, they are assaulted by the grandiose displays of elven superiority.

The crew makes contact with a Boughbreaker agent in the Market Garden, Roseport’s busy merchant district. The contact arranges for a man on the inside to help smuggle the weapons through customs during the next sleep cycle. The plan goes smoothly and the heroes get the weapons into Roseport without being detected.

Their contact is waiting for them with a wagon to take the supplies farther inland to a Boughbreaker cell operating deep in the Heartland wilderness. The cell has managed to free three wildling slaves that need to be smuggled off Heartland to freedom. The heroes agree to accompany their contact to make the trade and take the wildlings with them.

Oakthorn Ambush

The heroes hide under tarps in the cart with the weapons while their contact takes them through the Thorn Gate and into the Heartland wilderness. They follow a hidden path for most of the sleep cycle before arriving at the rendezvous point. Unfortunately there is no sign of the Boughbreaker agents.

The Oakthorn, Heartlands mercenary soldier force, are waiting in ambush. They have killed the Boughbreakers and recaptured the wildling slaves. They spring from hiding and attack the crew for being rebel sympathizers. The heroes fight back, eventually overcoming the attackers and driving them back into the dense trees. They find the wildling slaves tied up nearby, beaten but still alive.


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