Sundered Skies

Session 05 - A Haunted Journey

The crew smuggles wildling slaves to Canopy

  • Wildling Smuggling
  • A Haunted Journey
  • A New Life on Canopy

Wildling Smuggling

The Oakthorn have been driven off, but not defeated. The crew’s Boughbreaker contact warns them that the soldiers will act quickly to lock down the city and stop all ships leaving Roseport. If they are to make it off the island with the wildling salves, they must move quickly. Having been exposed, their contact must go back into hiding in the Heartland wilderness. He wishes the heroes good luck and says they can never meet again.

The heroes hide the wounded wildlings beneath a tarp in the cart and travel quickly back to Roseport. Tylan plays the role of a harried elven merchant and manages to talk his way past the guards at the Thorn Gate and through customs back to their ship. The wildlings are rushed on board and the ship pushes off. As they pull away from the Heartland docks, the crew sees squads of Oakthorn pour onto the docks to lock down the harbor.

A Haunted Journey

The crew attunes their waysphere for the isle of Canopy and sets sail into the void. Located in the freezing upper reaches, Canopy is a forested wilderness where escaped wildlings can start a new life among the snowy trees. The journey is long and plagued by strange events.

During the journey, personal items go missing and mysteriously turn up in the quarters of other crew members. Tensions rise and the effects of frustration begin to turn to glowmadness. Suspicions mount that a thief is on board and all fingers point to the wildling refugees.

Amidst all the accusations, strange noises can be heard throughout the ship and the crates in the cargo hold appear to move on their own. During a heated argument, a crate of cargo flies off the shelf and smashes into Kentor. Slowly, the crew comes to the realization that their ship is haunted.

A New Life on Canopy

Eventually the crew makes it to Canopy without killing each other. The journey has taken its toll on the crew’s minds and the cool shade of Canopy is a welcome relief. The ship docks in the human settlement of Timber, a logging town on the edge of the vast Canopy wilderness. Local Boughbreaker contacts confirm that wildling camps exist deep in the forest where escaped slaves can start a new life. They offer to take the rescued wildling to their new home.


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