Sundered Skies

Session 06 - The Shepherd

The crew confronts a dangerous elven Shepherd

  • The Wildling Messenger
  • Path of Destruction
  • The Shepherd Strikes
  • New Allies Earned

The Wildling Messenger

The crew has just begun to rest and recover in Timber when an exhausted and terrified deer wildling rushes into the settlement with dire news. An elven Shepherd has found their hidden villages deep in the forest and is now systematically hunting down and killing all the wildling refugees. He begs for help and the crew immediately sets off into the freezing forest to assist.

Path of Destruction

When the crew comes to the first wildling camp, they find it burned and destroyed. The bodies of dead wildlings lie on the ground, killed as they tried to flee. They were too late to save this camp, but other camps may still have survived. Among the signs of battle, the crew finds the tracks of several large ferals. They follow these tracks quickly through the trees in search of the Shepherd attacker.

Before long, they arrive at another ruined wildling camp and hear the sounds of battle echoing through the trees ahead. The rush forward into a clearing where they find a group of wildings cowering in a cave while a tall elf and two massive hound ferals taunt and harass their prey.

The Shepherd Strikes

The heroes spring into action, attacking the elf and her ferals. The Shepherd is a skilled and dangerous adversary, but she is outnumbered by the heroes and their wildling allies. As her last feral falls, she darts toward the cowering wildlings, threatening them with her swords. The heroes stop their attack and bargain with the elf for the wildlings lives.

Tylan offers to let the Shepherd go in exchange for sparing the wildlings. The elf reluctantly agrees and throws down her swords before sprinting away into the frozen trees. Kentor tries to give chase, but Tylan insists that they remain true to their word and let her go.

New Allies Earned

The wildlings are saved and their attacker driven off, but the location of the refugee villages is now known to the elves. The Willow Council will continue to send Shepherds until every last wildling is hunted down. Canopy is no longer safe. The crew returns to Timber and informs the Boughbreaker agents that immediate relocation is required for all wildlings currently on Canopy.

The crew has proven their allegiance to the wildlings and the cause of the Boughbreakers. With nowhere else to go, the three wildlings rescued from Heartland offer to join the crew for an opportunity to free more of their kind and strike back at their elven masters.

  • Mr. Oot – a rat wildling and skilled helmsman who seeks fame in the Skies and to strike back at the elves for the abuses endured during his servitude
  • Aya – a timid and neurotic fox wilding who has recently been blessed by The Alpha with the ability to bolster and heal her companions
  • Kathis – a massive lizard wildling of few words who has spent her entire life fighting in the elven arena for sport


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