Sundered Skies

Session 07 - Blood and Stone

The crew fights an undead outbreak

  • Delivery to the Isle of Chimes
  • Aspects of the Goddess
  • Blood and Stone
  • Exorcism of the Angel

Delivery to the Isle of Chimes

The crew attunes their waysphere for the nearby isle of Bridgeways and leaves the frozen forests of Canopy behind. Their next job is to deliver a parcel of glimmerwing dust to High Priest Jamos at the Isle of Chimes, a holy temple to the Lady of the Winds.

The journey through the void takes only a few days, but is plagued by more attacks from the spirit that has possessed the ship. Shrieks and shaking can be heard below deck and the crew is forced to take cover as unattended items are flung violently through the air. At one point, a mysterious force latches onto Clint and attempts to fling him into the void.

When the ship finally makes it to Bridgeways, the crew rushes quickly to the Isle of Chimes to deliver the parcel. In lieu of payment, the crew asks for the High Priest’s help in removing the rageful spirit that has possessed their ship.

Aspects of the Goddess

The High Priest agrees and introduces the crew to his two acolytes, Machael and Lauris. Though both very devout and gifted, they argue frequently over the nature of the Lady of the Winds and her many faces. Lauris revers the Aspect of Storms most highly as a route to quick power, while Machael believes enlightenment must come through the unity of all five aspects.

Lauris and Clint head to the ship to begin the exorcism, while Kentor and Tylan go with Machael to the underisles to apply the glimmerwing dust to the island’s fungus crops. Once out of earshot from each other, both Lauris and Machael express their frustration over the other’s misguided beliefs.

Blood and Stone

A broken bridge of black stone leads to the underisles, where the islanders inter their dead and also grow edible fungus for food. While Machael is treating the fungus crop with the glimmerwing dust, a child playing on the bridge trips and cuts her knee. As soon as the blood touches the black stone, patches of blood roses begin to grow rapidly. The roses seep a deep red sap which causes the dead pull themselves out of the ground and attack the heroes.

The crew fights bravely to save the farmers from the undead attack. Eventually the blood zombies are destroyed, but Machael is gravely wounded in the battle. He is taken immediately to the Isle of Chimes for treatment.

Exorcism of the Angel

On board the Angel of Chaos, Clint and Lauris call on the combined power of their gods to cause the malevolent spirit to manifest. When the specter materializes in the cargo bay, Clint is surprised to see that it is the ghost of the Bone Queen, a powerful Lich the crew confronted when they destroyed the Bright Cabal flagship.

Lauris calls on the power of the Aspect of Storms and engages the spirit in a frightening battle of wind and lightning. The cargo hold is damaged and scarred from the eldrich energies of the battle, but eventually the Bone Queen is defeated again and her spirit exorcised from the ship.


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