Sundered Skies

Session 08 - Ship Snare

The crew falls into a Bright Cabal trap

  • The Bright Cabal Trap
  • Surplus Weapons
  • A Storm in the Void

The Bright Cabal Trap

The crew departs Bridgeways and sets sail for the Shattered City. Warpriest Locke at the temple of the Battlelord on Gateway has contacted the group with a deal. The temple has excesses weapons from a recent expedition into the Shattered City and will sell the cargo to the group at a discount if they come pick it up.

As the crew approaches the Shattered City, their ship suddenly slows to a stop and a Bright Cabal ship filled with undead emerges from the nearby ruins to ambush them. The heroes’ ship is stuck in dense necromatic field and they must row quickly to escape the snare.

The Bright Cabal ship closes rapidly and grapples the heroes ship. Undead troops slide down the ropes onto the deck. The crew battles fiercely to repel the invaders while struggling to escape the necromatic field. Eventually they are successful and cut the ropes, sending undead tumbling into the void as they break from the trap and speed away.

Surplus Weapons

On Gateway, Warpriest Locke trades with the heroes for his surplus weapons and informs them that the priests at the Arena on Shadowhaven could use the weapons for their battle ceremonies. He gives them the name of a contact on Shadowhaven who will pay well for the weapons.

Jeche and Jarle, elven brothers who own the local tavern, overhear word of the excess weapons and approach Tylan with a proposition from the Boughbreakers. If the heroes will take the weapons to a Boughbreaker contact on Heartland instead, the Order of the Raven will pay double.

A Storm in the Void

The crew decides to take the weapons to aid the Boughbreakers in their fight to free more wildlings. They set sail from Gateway on a course to Heartland.

Several days into the journey through the void, a violent storm hits. Wind and sleet assault the vessel and a mighty vortex forms that sends the ship careening off course. The crew takes shelter below decks and emerges over a day later to find that the storm has passed, but they have been blown into an unknown area of the void.

They see an uncharted island drifting in the distance. As they approach in hopes of resupply, they see a single village in the middle of a dense forest at the heart of the island. There are no docks, so they row ashore in an island hopper and make their way through the forest to make contact with the locals.


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