Sundered Skies

Session 09 - Landfall (part 1)

The crew investigates an isolated island

  • Baa’Rokks, the Lost Village
  • Impending Landfall
  • Rescue Plans

Baa’Rokks, the Lost Village

At the center of the uncharted island is a strange village. The humans that inhabit it are fearful and reclusive. They wear simple clothes made of animal hide and their buildings are crude wooden structures. The crew enters the village in peace and eventually are confronted by the village leader and a band of warriors wielding stone spears.

The islanders welcome the crew and explain that they are the first new people to arrive at the island since the Sundering. The islanders believed they were the only people to survive the catastrophe and have dedicated their lives to appeasing the unnamed god that cursed them.

Impending Landfall

Shortly after the crew’s arrival in the village, a violent tremor strikes the island. The crew recognizes this as a sign that the island will soon experience Landfall and plummet out of the skies. They explain the situation to the village elders and offer to use their skyship to evacuate the islanders.

Though some villages are interested in a new life in the Skies, the village elders refuse. They see the tremor as a sign from their god that their salvation is close at hand. They denounce the crew, insisting that they were sent to lead them off the path of righteousness moments before their salvation is at hand. They banish the heroes from the village.

Rescue Plans

As the crew is leaving, the chief’s daughter, Mia’Joor, sneaks out after them. She explains that many in the village have had doubts about their devotion to their unnamed god and would love to go on their skyship to see the wonders they had described. Unfortunately the village elders would never allow it. They would be killed before being allowed to desert the village.

The crew tells Mia to begin making preparations for evacuation while they go to get more ships capable of carrying all the villagers. The heroes collect a bit of dirt from the uncharted island before departing once again for Heartland.


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