Sundered Skies

Session 01 - Scavenger Hunt

The crew finds the lost holy symbol of a mad god

  • Introductions in Gateway
  • Into the Shattered City
  • Wreckage of the Raven
  • The Mad God Appears

Introductions in Gateway

The adventure begins in the busy city of Gateway on the fringes of the massive cloud of debris and ruins known as the Shattered City. Each of our heroes has come to this famous scavenger hub for their own reasons.

  • Clint – a Human Warpriest lying low after recently attacking an Elven colony in cold blood
  • Kentor – a Dwarven Engineer and mercenary fighter looking to make a few cogs
  • Tylan Avedon – an Elf from a family of Shepherds who has turned his back on his kind
  • Bob “The Fish” – a Human Courier with ties to The Requiem, a guild of bardic assassins

A simple mission and the promise of a few cogs draws this lot together. An Orcish scavenger named Karr Luckfinder has recently discovered a wrecked ship deep in the Shattered City and is looking for crew to assist with the salvage operation. A local merchant believes the wreck to be of his son’s ship, lost years ago, and is paying a reward for the return of his personal effects.

Into the Shattered City

The newly formed crew boards Karr’s cloudskiff and sets out into the spiraling debris field of the Shattered City. Karr had previously collected some earth near the crash site to help guide his ship back the location of the haul. After several hours of navigating the dizzying maze of spinning rocks, the wrecked ship appears before them, buried in the rubble of a ruined tower.

The crew boards an island hopper and beings rowing towards the drifting landmass to explore the wreckage. Before they get too close, a group of demon-possessed barnacle apes amasses on the shore and beings hurling rocks at the raft. Something is definitely amiss on the tiny island.

Wreckage of the Raven

With the barnacle apes driven back from return fire, the crew is able to land on the small island and approaches the wrecked ship. On board, they find more barnacle apes. The beasts have been driven mad with rage and their eyes glow a hellish red. The heroes fight their way below decks, eventually finding an opening into the ruined tower.

They descend through the tower, on the lookout for any signs of the demonic corruption. At the base of the ruins, deep within the stone of the island, they come upon an ancient armory and a grisly, bloated demon. The creature shrieks that it wants to go home and attacks the heroes with its demonic might.

A fearsome battle ensues, but the heroes are eventually victorious. Among the ruins of the armory, they find a charm depicting a behemoth above waves of water and quite a haul of pre-Sundering weapons and iron. The group happily returns to the cloudskiff with their haul.

The Mad God Appears

During the return trip to Gateway, Karr Luckfinder becomes very interested in the iron charm and gives up all of his salvage rights in exchange for the item. On the second day of the journey, the crew is awakened to Karr’s screams from on deck. The orc is enveloped in a blaze of voidglow and speaks in a voice not his own.

I am the god Oceanius of old, Lord of the Oceans, but in my insanity I have become Lightbringer. The disk you found was an ancient holy symbol of my priests; it hearkens back to better days, before the dawn of this world, and I have not seen its like since. To see it again cheers my heart, however fleetingly. Go now, seek these artifacts of the Souls in preparation for the final battle: the fuel that burns in the Queen’s barge; the armor of Orcbane; Festival’s harp, ignored by my followers; the hammer of the damned dwarf; and the raven staff. Recover them all, for soon the Shield will fail again… and I know not what I may do when it does.

Overcome by the strength of the glow, Karr transforms into a glowmad ogre and savagely attacks the crew. Left with no other choice, the crew kills their former companion and throws his body overboard into the void.


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