Fox Wildling / Ship's Doctor


Positive Traits

  • Very kind and encouraging
  • Selfless

Negative Traits

  • Timid and easily frightened
  • Obsessive


  • Apologizes too much
  • Compulsively clean and tidy

Timid and a bit neurotic, Aya is small and frail… even for a wildling. She is generally very quiet and avoids conflict. She tends to apologize too much and is very concerned that others are angry with her. What she lacks in size, she makes up in heart, and would happily throw herself into danger to save a comrade.

Aya serves as the ship’s medic, and to a lesser extent, mechanic. Since leaving Heartland, she has begun to receive visions from The Alpha and has been blessed with divine powers. She uses her gifts to bolster and heal her companions, hoping to one day return to Heartland and free all of her people from their elven masters.


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