Lizard Wildling / Murder Lizard


Positive Traits

  • Calm and calculating
  • Loyal (to a select few)

Negative Traits

  • Anti-social
  • Bloodthirsty and cruel


  • Rarely speaks
  • Prone to sudden bursts of violence

Kathis has spent her entire life being molded into a killer. As a slave, she was forced to fight other wildlings in the arena for the amusement of elven nobility. Years of slavery and countless arena battles have hardened her into a cold-blooded killer. Prior to her liberation, she was somewhat of a celebrity on Heartland. No Wildling has ever won as many matches as “Kathis the Murder Lizard”.

No one is really sure why Kathis remains with the crew, and it’s doubtful she would answer even if someone was brave enough to ask. It is most likely that she has formed a deep loyalty with one of the crew, a loyalty forged in battle and bound with blood.


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