Youthful psychic princess


Positive Traits

  • Courageous and exuberant
  • Outgoing and unabashed

Negative Traits

  • Naive and over-trusting
  • Youthful inexperience


  • Mispronounces many words
  • Childlike wonderment about anything new

Mia has spent her entire life isolated on the isle of Baa’Rokks, unaware of the rest of the Skies. Deep down, she always knew there had to be more and that the elders of the village were misguided. At the age of only 12, she was married to the village chieftain and lived a life of relative luxury. She learned the ancient writing and was in training to be a shaman. Then everything changed when the skyships came and took those willing to leave away from their island prison.

After reading a pre-Sundering tome of ancient lore, Mia unlocked a strange power within herself. She is now able to read the thoughts of those around her and can often sense something bad before it happens. She is completely infatuated with Tylan and begged to join his crew so she could see the wonders of the Skies. Still young and naive, Mia does her best to fit in with the crew and contribute however she can.


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