Mr. Oot

Rat Wildling / Helmsman


Positive Traits

  • Eager and outspoken
  • Reliable

Negative Traits

  • Embellishes and lies
  • Greedy


  • Often sucks up to those of authority

Mr. Oot fancies himself a freedom fighter. He wants nothing more than to fight the elves of Heartland and help the resistance. He’s always trying to take charge, even when it’s not welcome. He’s been known to over-embellish his experience in situations in order to command respect. He seeks fame and fortune in equal measure and will go to great lengths to acquire them.

Mr. Oot is a skilled pilot and often serves as helmsman during dangerous missions. He has a reputation for getting the ship out of dangerous situations by performing difficult maneuvers. He also has a knack for covert operations, stealth, thievery, and the like. Mr. Oot keeps these “particular skills” secret from most.

Mr. Oot

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