Sundered Skies

Session 17 - Remorse (part 1)
The crew searches a dead island for clues about Godslayer
  • The Athenaeum
  • Seeking the Sons of Spire
  • Remorse, the Dead Isle
  • Bright Cabal Enclave

The Athenaeum

Seeking the Sons of Spire

Remorse, the Dead Isle

Bright Cabal Enclave

Session 16 - The Ice Tower (part 2)
The crew visits the forgotten council room of the gods
  • Into The Ice Tower
  • Divine Council Chamber
  • Trials of the Battlelord

Into the Ice Tower

Divine Council Chamber

Trials of the Battlelord

Session 15 - The Ice Tower (part 1)
The crew crosses a glacier to find the Battlelord's palace
  • The Cracked Shield Clan
  • Gladiators of The Call
  • A Journey of Ice and Madness

The Cracked Shield Clan

Gladiators of The Call

A Journey of Ice and Madness

Session 14 - Frozen Iron
The crew searches a frozen ruin for a powerful relic
  • Rebuilding Plenty
  • Orcbane Stalks the Streets
  • The Voyage of Captain Oot
  • Frozen Tomb of the Godslayer

Rebuilding Plenty

Orcbane Stalks the Streets

The Voyage of Captain Oot

Frozen Tomb of the Godslayer

Session 13 - The Hunger (part 2)
The crew confronts a Devourer demon on Plenty
  • The Hunger Attacks
  • The Battle of Plenty
  • The Devourer
  • A Godshifter Revealed

The Hunger Attacks

The Battle of Plenty

The Devourer

A Godshifter Revealed

Session 12 - The Hunger (part 1)
The crew joins a Trade Council expedition to Plenty
  • The Courier’s Plea
  • Council Games
  • Peacekeeper Expedition
  • The Drowned Barge

The Courier’s Plea

On Shadowhaven, the crew takes the rescued Courier before the Trade Council to present his dire news. The Courier’s Guild is well-respected and an emergency meeting of the Council is called. In the dimly lit central chamber of the Trade Hall, the Courier tells his tale.

While delivering a parcel on Plenty, the Courier was attacked by a group of ravenous peasants and farmers. A horrible demonic presence has taken root on Plenty, corrupting the food supply and turning the villagers mad with hunger. The Courier fled from the angry mob, but they gave chase in an armed trade galleon.

With his ship damaged and himself on the verge of collapse from exposure to the voidglow, the Courier thought all was lost. Miraculously, he was found by a group of adventurers (the heroes) and brought here to Shadowhaven. If the Council doesn’t intervene and stop the corruption on Plenty, he warns, the tainted food could spread throughout the Skies and the plague of hunger might consume entire islands.

The Trade Council does not take the Courier’s news lightly. After very little deliberation, it is decided that an armed expedition will be mounted to investigate the situation on Plenty. The Trade Council dreadnaught Peacekeeper will be dispatched to deal with the threat, and the heroes will join its crew as specialists.

Council Games

As the heroes are leaving the Trade Halls, they are approached by Shera Leaftongue, the elven Councilor from Heartland. She slyly commends the crew on their valiant efforts and bids them enter a private meeting room to discuss the matter further. Once behind closed doors, Shera reveals her true business.

She is aware of the heroes’ reputation, and their long list of crimes against the elven people of Heartland. In particular she calls out Clint’s involvement with the massacre at New Thistledown and the crew’s involvement in trafficking wildling slaves. She claims to have the authority to have them arrested on the spot and thrown into the Shadowhaven arena to meet their deaths.

But such an end would be a waste of the crew’s talents. Instead, she proposes that they work for her in exchange for her silence on the matter. She gives the crew the name and description of a mercenary captain known to be in league with the Boughbreakers. The heroes are to track him down near Bridgeways, kill him, and bring his head back to Shera. If they can do this, they will have proven their loyalty to the Willow Court and will be granted pardon.

Peacekeeper Expedition

The heroes have no intention of playing along with Shera’s cruel game, but they will have to deal with the elven politician later. They head to the Shadowhaven docks to join the crew of the Trade Council dreadnaught and take care of situation on Plenty.

At the docks, the heroes are introduced to the captain and the commander of the marines. The Peacekeeper is a massive and heavily armed dreadnaught, the likes of which only the Trade Council could command. The heroes are given their duties on board and join the crew of the warship as it prepares to depart.

The Drowned Barge

The Peacekeeper departs for Plenty with great haste. The journey through the void is mostly uneventful. The lookout spots a pirate vessel attacking a pair of merchant ships, but the attackers quickly flee when the Trade Council ship arrives.

Several days later, the ship arrives at the Runoff Falls, a massive miles-deep waterfall that surrounds Plenty. Strangely, a grain barge is adrift near the Falls. The captain arranges an away party including the heroes to investigate.

On board the barge, the crew finds flooded decks and dead crew. It appears as though someone or something sabotaged the hatches while the ship passed through the Falls, drowning the crew. On the bridge, they find the remains of a bloody combat and the body of what appears to be a demonic creature. As they are investigating the scene, the drowned spirits of the crew rise and attack.

The heroes and Trade Council marines manage to defeat the spirits and quickly leave the cursed ship. They explain the situation to the captain who turns the Peacekeeper’s cannons on the barge to blow it out of the sky. The dreadnaught presses on through Razor Passage, a mist-shrouded debris field that cuts through the Falls, on the final approach to Plenty.

Session 11 - The Courier
The crew helps a besieged Courier in the Void
  • The Bright Cabal Strikes Again
  • A Courier Under Fire
  • Corruption on Plenty
  • Tensions at Dragon’s Spine

The Bright Cabal Strikes Again

En route to Dragonspine, the crew is ambushed once again by the Bright Cabal. It seems they made an enemy out of the deathly organization when they destroyed their flagship. Two Cabal ships, teeming with undead, emerge from the ruins and attack as the heroes are leaving the wreckage of the Shattered City.

A daring ship battle ensues and the heroes are forced to flee from the superior firepower of the Bright Cabal strike ships. They manage to escape by maneuvering through a debris field, leaving the irate cultists unable to pursue.

A Courier Under Fire

Several days into their journey through the void, the crew’s ships come upon a heavily damaged skysloop. They move closer to investigate and notice that the ship is flying the colors of the Couriers Guild and has sustained heave battle damage. A lone orc appears to be the only survivor, delirious and on the verge of collapse.

As the crew boards the ship to provide aid, the Courier wheezes a dire warning and then collapses.

A demon… the food… danger… possessed… must warn… the Trade Council…

Just as the Courier loses consciousness, a galleon emerges from the void haze and speeds towards the stopped ships. The crew rushes to get the Courier and his cargo safely onto the Angel of Chaos while Mr. Oot and Tylan engage the attacking vessel with pot shots and fancy maneuvers.

Strangely, the attacking galleon is flying the flag of Plenty and appears to be crewed by enraged peasants. Although the peasants are not terribly adept at flying the ship and aiming its cannons, the heroes are still dramatically out-gunned and decide to flee. The heroes superior flying skills allow them to outdistance the galleon and eventually escape, but the Angel is severely damaged during the skirmish.

Corruption on Plenty

Aya and Clint manage to stabilize the Courier and the orc tells the the dire story of Plenty. A demonic force has taken over the island, corrupting the food supply and turning the villagers into hunger-crazed maniacs. They must tell the Trade Council immediately, he warns, or the corruption could spread to the rest of the Skies through the tainted food.

The heroes agree to take him to Shadowhaven, but one of their ships is too damaged to make the journey. They decide to continue on to Dragonspine to seek repairs for the Angel and then continue on to Shadowhaven while the repairs are in progress.

Tensions at Dragon’s Spine

Several days later, the heroes ships limp into Dragonspine and dock at the Foreign Quarter. While negotiating repairs for their ship, the crew gets word of mounting tensions on the Drakin-controlled isle.

Business competition between the dwarves of the Drakespear Brewery and the orcs of the Gragg Brewery seems to have erupted into violence and racial hatred. A mysterious killer known as Orcbane has emerged, killing lone orcs in the street and marking them with the dwarven rune of vengeance.

The orcs are blaming the Drakespear for the murders and have begun to strike back. All orcs in Dragonspine, not just the Gragg brewers, are banding together to combat the dwarves. The entire city is teetering on the brink of an all-out race war.

The heroes leave Mr. Oot, Aya, and Kathis behind to oversee repairs to the Angel, and tell them to keep their heads down and stay out of the fighting until they return. The rest of the crew sets sail for Shadowhaven in the Wild Thing to warn the Trade Council of the situation on Plenty.

Session 10 - Landfall (part 2)
The crew enlists help to save a doomed village
  • Boughbreaker Rescue Ships
  • The Hunted
  • The Liberation of Baa’Rokks
  • A New World, A New Beginning

Boughbreaker Rescue Ships

On Heartland, the crew makes the weapons trade with their Boughbreaker contact in Roseport. They also mention the elven intelligence documents recovered from the Shepherd on Canopy. The Boubreakers are very interested in the documents as they list the names and orders of several prominent Shepherds. Such information would allow them to better protect freed wildlings from re-capture.

The heroes offer to trade the intelligence documents for help evacuating the people of Baa’rokks. The elves agree and dispatch two mercenary Boughbreaker ships to help with the rescue effort.

The Hunted

Sailing in the void several days out of Heartland, the crew becomes aware that they are being followed. They must have been recognized in Roseport because now an elven Shepherd is pursuing them. Rather than keep running, the crew decides to stop their ship and attempt to parley.

The elven Shepherd pulls alongside their ship and demands the return of the escaped wildlings currently serving on their crew. The heroes insist no wildings are on board, but the Shepherd doesn’t believe their story. He boards their ship with his hound ferals, but before he can uncover evidence of the wildlings, the crew ambushes him beneath deck.

The Shepherd is outnumbered and he and his ferals are quickly defeated. This time, the crew does not show mercy and there is no escape for the Shepherd. The bodies of the elf and his ferals are tossed into the void and the crew claims his elven skysloop for their own.

The Liberation of Baa’Rokks

The heroes and their Boughbreaker allies arrive back at the forgotten island of Baa’Rokks and park their ships high in the sky above the island so they can be seen from the village. An expedition is mounted to try and convince the village elders to reconsider their refusal to evacuate.

The village leadership remains adamant that they will not leave their homes. They have spent generations atoning for the transgressions of their ancestors and they will not allow outsiders to ruin their progress this close to their salvation.

Tylan points to the skyships and argues that if anything they were sent by their gods to save them, not condemn them. The villagers become more nervous as more tremors shake the island. Eventually, Tylan manages to convince the elders to allow those who wish to leave to evacuate. The villagers rush to gather what possessions they can before heading to the waiting rescue ships.

A New World, A New Beginning

With most of the villagers packed tightly on the small rescue fleet, the heroes and their Boughbreaker allies set sail for Gateway. There will be many opportunities for the refugees in the scavenger city. The village elders stay behind on Baa’rokks to await whatever fate their god has planned for them.

A new life awaits the hundred or so refugees as they step off the ships into Gateway and into the strange new world of the Skies. Some will seek work in the busy markets of the scavenger city, while others will board merchant ships to explore the new world that awaits. Mia’Joor, the chief’s daughter, joins the crew so she can accompany the heroes on their new adventures.

The heroes wish the refugees good luck in their new lives and set sail for Dragonspine to investigate rumors of Orcbane and mysterious murders potentially linked to an Artifact of Souls.

Session 09 - Landfall (part 1)
The crew investigates an isolated island
  • Baa’Rokks, the Lost Village
  • Impending Landfall
  • Rescue Plans

Baa’Rokks, the Lost Village

At the center of the uncharted island is a strange village. The humans that inhabit it are fearful and reclusive. They wear simple clothes made of animal hide and their buildings are crude wooden structures. The crew enters the village in peace and eventually are confronted by the village leader and a band of warriors wielding stone spears.

The islanders welcome the crew and explain that they are the first new people to arrive at the island since the Sundering. The islanders believed they were the only people to survive the catastrophe and have dedicated their lives to appeasing the unnamed god that cursed them.

Impending Landfall

Shortly after the crew’s arrival in the village, a violent tremor strikes the island. The crew recognizes this as a sign that the island will soon experience Landfall and plummet out of the skies. They explain the situation to the village elders and offer to use their skyship to evacuate the islanders.

Though some villages are interested in a new life in the Skies, the village elders refuse. They see the tremor as a sign from their god that their salvation is close at hand. They denounce the crew, insisting that they were sent to lead them off the path of righteousness moments before their salvation is at hand. They banish the heroes from the village.

Rescue Plans

As the crew is leaving, the chief’s daughter, Mia’Joor, sneaks out after them. She explains that many in the village have had doubts about their devotion to their unnamed god and would love to go on their skyship to see the wonders they had described. Unfortunately the village elders would never allow it. They would be killed before being allowed to desert the village.

The crew tells Mia to begin making preparations for evacuation while they go to get more ships capable of carrying all the villagers. The heroes collect a bit of dirt from the uncharted island before departing once again for Heartland.

Session 08 - Ship Snare
The crew falls into a Bright Cabal trap
  • The Bright Cabal Trap
  • Surplus Weapons
  • A Storm in the Void

The Bright Cabal Trap

The crew departs Bridgeways and sets sail for the Shattered City. Warpriest Locke at the temple of the Battlelord on Gateway has contacted the group with a deal. The temple has excesses weapons from a recent expedition into the Shattered City and will sell the cargo to the group at a discount if they come pick it up.

As the crew approaches the Shattered City, their ship suddenly slows to a stop and a Bright Cabal ship filled with undead emerges from the nearby ruins to ambush them. The heroes’ ship is stuck in dense necromatic field and they must row quickly to escape the snare.

The Bright Cabal ship closes rapidly and grapples the heroes ship. Undead troops slide down the ropes onto the deck. The crew battles fiercely to repel the invaders while struggling to escape the necromatic field. Eventually they are successful and cut the ropes, sending undead tumbling into the void as they break from the trap and speed away.

Surplus Weapons

On Gateway, Warpriest Locke trades with the heroes for his surplus weapons and informs them that the priests at the Arena on Shadowhaven could use the weapons for their battle ceremonies. He gives them the name of a contact on Shadowhaven who will pay well for the weapons.

Jeche and Jarle, elven brothers who own the local tavern, overhear word of the excess weapons and approach Tylan with a proposition from the Boughbreakers. If the heroes will take the weapons to a Boughbreaker contact on Heartland instead, the Order of the Raven will pay double.

A Storm in the Void

The crew decides to take the weapons to aid the Boughbreakers in their fight to free more wildlings. They set sail from Gateway on a course to Heartland.

Several days into the journey through the void, a violent storm hits. Wind and sleet assault the vessel and a mighty vortex forms that sends the ship careening off course. The crew takes shelter below decks and emerges over a day later to find that the storm has passed, but they have been blown into an unknown area of the void.

They see an uncharted island drifting in the distance. As they approach in hopes of resupply, they see a single village in the middle of a dense forest at the heart of the island. There are no docks, so they row ashore in an island hopper and make their way through the forest to make contact with the locals.


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