Sundered Skies

Session 01 - Scavenger Hunt
The crew finds the lost holy symbol of a mad god
  • Introductions in Gateway
  • Into the Shattered City
  • Wreckage of the Raven
  • The Mad God Appears

Introductions in Gateway

The adventure begins in the busy city of Gateway on the fringes of the massive cloud of debris and ruins known as the Shattered City. Each of our heroes has come to this famous scavenger hub for their own reasons.

  • Clint – a Human Warpriest lying low after recently attacking an Elven colony in cold blood
  • Kentor – a Dwarven Engineer and mercenary fighter looking to make a few cogs
  • Tylan Avedon – an Elf from a family of Shepherds who has turned his back on his kind
  • Bob “The Fish” – a Human Courier with ties to The Requiem, a guild of bardic assassins

A simple mission and the promise of a few cogs draws this lot together. An Orcish scavenger named Karr Luckfinder has recently discovered a wrecked ship deep in the Shattered City and is looking for crew to assist with the salvage operation. A local merchant believes the wreck to be of his son’s ship, lost years ago, and is paying a reward for the return of his personal effects.

Into the Shattered City

The newly formed crew boards Karr’s cloudskiff and sets out into the spiraling debris field of the Shattered City. Karr had previously collected some earth near the crash site to help guide his ship back the location of the haul. After several hours of navigating the dizzying maze of spinning rocks, the wrecked ship appears before them, buried in the rubble of a ruined tower.

The crew boards an island hopper and beings rowing towards the drifting landmass to explore the wreckage. Before they get too close, a group of demon-possessed barnacle apes amasses on the shore and beings hurling rocks at the raft. Something is definitely amiss on the tiny island.

Wreckage of the Raven

With the barnacle apes driven back from return fire, the crew is able to land on the small island and approaches the wrecked ship. On board, they find more barnacle apes. The beasts have been driven mad with rage and their eyes glow a hellish red. The heroes fight their way below decks, eventually finding an opening into the ruined tower.

They descend through the tower, on the lookout for any signs of the demonic corruption. At the base of the ruins, deep within the stone of the island, they come upon an ancient armory and a grisly, bloated demon. The creature shrieks that it wants to go home and attacks the heroes with its demonic might.

A fearsome battle ensues, but the heroes are eventually victorious. Among the ruins of the armory, they find a charm depicting a behemoth above waves of water and quite a haul of pre-Sundering weapons and iron. The group happily returns to the cloudskiff with their haul.

The Mad God Appears

During the return trip to Gateway, Karr Luckfinder becomes very interested in the iron charm and gives up all of his salvage rights in exchange for the item. On the second day of the journey, the crew is awakened to Karr’s screams from on deck. The orc is enveloped in a blaze of voidglow and speaks in a voice not his own.

I am the god Oceanius of old, Lord of the Oceans, but in my insanity I have become Lightbringer. The disk you found was an ancient holy symbol of my priests; it hearkens back to better days, before the dawn of this world, and I have not seen its like since. To see it again cheers my heart, however fleetingly. Go now, seek these artifacts of the Souls in preparation for the final battle: the fuel that burns in the Queen’s barge; the armor of Orcbane; Festival’s harp, ignored by my followers; the hammer of the damned dwarf; and the raven staff. Recover them all, for soon the Shield will fail again… and I know not what I may do when it does.

Overcome by the strength of the glow, Karr transforms into a glowmad ogre and savagely attacks the crew. Left with no other choice, the crew kills their former companion and throws his body overboard into the void.

Session 02 - A Dragon's Rage (part 1)
The crew infiltrates a Bright Cabal flagship
  • A Crew is Formed
  • Love and Undeath
  • The Bone Queen’s Barge

A Crew is Formed

Back in Gateway, the heroes sell their salvage and collect the merchant’s reward. Each member receives a hefty purse of cogs. The scavenger business pays well, it seems. There’s also the matter of Karr Luckfinder’s old cloudskiff, which is currently without owner.

Emboldened by their recent haul, the heroes decide to form their own scavenging crew and rename the cloudskiff the Angel of Chaos. The crew considers the cryptic words of Lightbringer and decides it’s probably best not to defy a god. And if the trail should lead to more pre-Sundering treasure troves, all the better.

Love and Undeath

Following Lightbringer’s orders, the crew seeks out Joseth Truthbearer at Gods Parade in Gateway. They find the man standing on a soapbox, preaching in the street like a lunatic. He has attempted to open a new temple to the goddess of love, who he calls the Beautiful One. His efforts are being shunned by most of the other temples and few people stop by.

Joseth reasons that “the fuel the burns in the Queen’s barge” must refer to the Bone Queen, a powerful lich and high priestess of the Bright Cabal. The Bright Cabal is a group of necromancers and greater undead who worship The Rotting One. The Bone Queen’s ship, a fearsome dreadnought made from the bones of an ancient dragon, prowls the Shattered City looking for bodies to add to its undead ranks. Known as the Soulflame, the ship is usually avoided at all costs.

The Bone Queen’s Barge

Joseth is happy to help the heroes try to board the ship. He actively opposes the Bright Cabal, believing it is they who have corrupted The Beautiful One (who few believe exists) into the vile Rotting One. He offers to provide the crew with a special potion that will make them appear dead so they can be picked up by the Soulflame while it scavenges for corpses.

The plan goes off mostly without a hitch. The heroes drink the potions and wait, apparently lifeless, among the bodies of a crashed scavenger ship deep within the Shattered City. Before long, Soulflame appears and they are taken on board and dumped into a corpse pile. When the heroes awake from their stupor, they must fight some of the undead crew to get their weapons and equipment back. Armed and ready for action, they make their way stealthily to the engine room.

Session 03 - A Dragon's Rage (part 2)
The crew recovers the first Relic of Souls
  • Fuel of the Soulfire
  • A Dragon Restored
  • Life in the Skies

Fuel of the Soulfire

The crew makes their way stealthily through the ship. They pass through the dragon’s massive rib cage where two smaller ships can dock with the Soulfire to exchange cargo and undead troops. They move through passageways made of stretched human flesh and doors held together with sinew. On the beast’s massive wings, they see squads of undead manning cannons.

They eventually make their way to the rear of the ship where the rumble of the engines intensifies. Beyond a twisted door of stretched bodies lies the massive engine room. The room is dizzyingly hot and crewed by charred zombies and a powerful furnace wraith. The heroes charge boldly in and confront the undead while fire erupts around them from the gaping engine ports.

As the furnace wraith is defeated, the heroes can hear the heavy footfalls of dozens of reinforcements stomping through the ship towards their location. With a great burst of strength and desperation, the heroes fling open the main furnace door and release the imprisoned spirit of Whitefire, the dragon’s true soul.

A Dragon Restored

Finally free from his infernal prison, the spirit of Whitefire roars mightily and sends waves of spectral fire throughout the ship. Undead are vaporized at the touch of the fire and even the Bone Queen herself cannot withstand its power. A blazing fire burns in the ships empty eye sockets once again and slowly its wings being to beat, shaking loose the platforms and rigging and other constructs built upon it. The spirit of Whitefire offers a silent thank you and fades into the body of the ship, leaving behind an ornate flintlock pistol, the first Relic of Souls.

The heroes make a hasty retreat by jumping onto one of cloudskiffs docked in the ribcage and head quickly back to Gateway as the restored body of Whitefire vanishes majestically into the void haze.

Life in the Skies

With the first Relic secured and a ship at their command, the crew resolves to set out into the Skies as scavengers and soldiers of fortune. They have no clues as to where to find the next Relic, so some honest work will have to do for the time being. A few days around the merchant district in Gateway turns up some leads for them to follow.

  • Veteran Warpriest Laak at the temple of the Battlelord has surplus weapons that need to be delivered to the arena on Shadowhaven.
  • Jeche and Jarle, the owners of the Windblown Flotsam tavern, deduce that Tylan is sympathetic to the Boughbreakers and the Order of the Raven. They ask if he would deliver a shipment of supplies to the resistance forces on Heartland.
  • Priestess Selena at the wind temple at Gods Parade has an urgent package that must be delivered to high priest Jamos at the Isle of Chimes on Bridgeways.
Session 04 - Weapon Run
The crew smuggles weapons onto Heartland
  • Boughbreaker Contacts
  • Heartland Weapon Exchange
  • Oakthorn Ambush

Boughbreaker Contacts

The Elven brothers Jeche and Jarle are Boughbreaker agents who operate out of the Windblown Flotsam tavern in Gateway. Their main objective is to obtain weapons and supplies salvaged from the Shattered City and send them to aid the Boughbreaker freedom fighters on Heartland. They are always on the lookout for smuggler crews willing to make the run.

The brothers identify Tylan as an elf sympathetic to their cause and ask him to carry a shipment of weapons to a Boughbreaker contact in Roseport. Tylan agrees and the Angel of Chaos is outfitted with hidden cargo compartments where the weapons are stored. With the cargo secured, the crew sets off for the elven home isle of Heartland.

Heartland Arms Deal

Heartland is a massive island covered in dense vegetation that reaches over the edges of the landmass like grasping hands. Access to the island is off limits for outsiders, except for the merchant city of Roseport. As the crew docks and enters the city, they are assaulted by the grandiose displays of elven superiority.

The crew makes contact with a Boughbreaker agent in the Market Garden, Roseport’s busy merchant district. The contact arranges for a man on the inside to help smuggle the weapons through customs during the next sleep cycle. The plan goes smoothly and the heroes get the weapons into Roseport without being detected.

Their contact is waiting for them with a wagon to take the supplies farther inland to a Boughbreaker cell operating deep in the Heartland wilderness. The cell has managed to free three wildling slaves that need to be smuggled off Heartland to freedom. The heroes agree to accompany their contact to make the trade and take the wildlings with them.

Oakthorn Ambush

The heroes hide under tarps in the cart with the weapons while their contact takes them through the Thorn Gate and into the Heartland wilderness. They follow a hidden path for most of the sleep cycle before arriving at the rendezvous point. Unfortunately there is no sign of the Boughbreaker agents.

The Oakthorn, Heartlands mercenary soldier force, are waiting in ambush. They have killed the Boughbreakers and recaptured the wildling slaves. They spring from hiding and attack the crew for being rebel sympathizers. The heroes fight back, eventually overcoming the attackers and driving them back into the dense trees. They find the wildling slaves tied up nearby, beaten but still alive.

Session 05 - A Haunted Journey
The crew smuggles wildling slaves to Canopy
  • Wildling Smuggling
  • A Haunted Journey
  • A New Life on Canopy

Wildling Smuggling

The Oakthorn have been driven off, but not defeated. The crew’s Boughbreaker contact warns them that the soldiers will act quickly to lock down the city and stop all ships leaving Roseport. If they are to make it off the island with the wildling salves, they must move quickly. Having been exposed, their contact must go back into hiding in the Heartland wilderness. He wishes the heroes good luck and says they can never meet again.

The heroes hide the wounded wildlings beneath a tarp in the cart and travel quickly back to Roseport. Tylan plays the role of a harried elven merchant and manages to talk his way past the guards at the Thorn Gate and through customs back to their ship. The wildlings are rushed on board and the ship pushes off. As they pull away from the Heartland docks, the crew sees squads of Oakthorn pour onto the docks to lock down the harbor.

A Haunted Journey

The crew attunes their waysphere for the isle of Canopy and sets sail into the void. Located in the freezing upper reaches, Canopy is a forested wilderness where escaped wildlings can start a new life among the snowy trees. The journey is long and plagued by strange events.

During the journey, personal items go missing and mysteriously turn up in the quarters of other crew members. Tensions rise and the effects of frustration begin to turn to glowmadness. Suspicions mount that a thief is on board and all fingers point to the wildling refugees.

Amidst all the accusations, strange noises can be heard throughout the ship and the crates in the cargo hold appear to move on their own. During a heated argument, a crate of cargo flies off the shelf and smashes into Kentor. Slowly, the crew comes to the realization that their ship is haunted.

A New Life on Canopy

Eventually the crew makes it to Canopy without killing each other. The journey has taken its toll on the crew’s minds and the cool shade of Canopy is a welcome relief. The ship docks in the human settlement of Timber, a logging town on the edge of the vast Canopy wilderness. Local Boughbreaker contacts confirm that wildling camps exist deep in the forest where escaped slaves can start a new life. They offer to take the rescued wildling to their new home.

Session 06 - The Shepherd
The crew confronts a dangerous elven Shepherd
  • The Wildling Messenger
  • Path of Destruction
  • The Shepherd Strikes
  • New Allies Earned

The Wildling Messenger

The crew has just begun to rest and recover in Timber when an exhausted and terrified deer wildling rushes into the settlement with dire news. An elven Shepherd has found their hidden villages deep in the forest and is now systematically hunting down and killing all the wildling refugees. He begs for help and the crew immediately sets off into the freezing forest to assist.

Path of Destruction

When the crew comes to the first wildling camp, they find it burned and destroyed. The bodies of dead wildlings lie on the ground, killed as they tried to flee. They were too late to save this camp, but other camps may still have survived. Among the signs of battle, the crew finds the tracks of several large ferals. They follow these tracks quickly through the trees in search of the Shepherd attacker.

Before long, they arrive at another ruined wildling camp and hear the sounds of battle echoing through the trees ahead. The rush forward into a clearing where they find a group of wildings cowering in a cave while a tall elf and two massive hound ferals taunt and harass their prey.

The Shepherd Strikes

The heroes spring into action, attacking the elf and her ferals. The Shepherd is a skilled and dangerous adversary, but she is outnumbered by the heroes and their wildling allies. As her last feral falls, she darts toward the cowering wildlings, threatening them with her swords. The heroes stop their attack and bargain with the elf for the wildlings lives.

Tylan offers to let the Shepherd go in exchange for sparing the wildlings. The elf reluctantly agrees and throws down her swords before sprinting away into the frozen trees. Kentor tries to give chase, but Tylan insists that they remain true to their word and let her go.

New Allies Earned

The wildlings are saved and their attacker driven off, but the location of the refugee villages is now known to the elves. The Willow Council will continue to send Shepherds until every last wildling is hunted down. Canopy is no longer safe. The crew returns to Timber and informs the Boughbreaker agents that immediate relocation is required for all wildlings currently on Canopy.

The crew has proven their allegiance to the wildlings and the cause of the Boughbreakers. With nowhere else to go, the three wildlings rescued from Heartland offer to join the crew for an opportunity to free more of their kind and strike back at their elven masters.

  • Mr. Oot – a rat wildling and skilled helmsman who seeks fame in the Skies and to strike back at the elves for the abuses endured during his servitude
  • Aya – a timid and neurotic fox wilding who has recently been blessed by The Alpha with the ability to bolster and heal her companions
  • Kathis – a massive lizard wildling of few words who has spent her entire life fighting in the elven arena for sport
Session 07 - Blood and Stone
The crew fights an undead outbreak
  • Delivery to the Isle of Chimes
  • Aspects of the Goddess
  • Blood and Stone
  • Exorcism of the Angel

Delivery to the Isle of Chimes

The crew attunes their waysphere for the nearby isle of Bridgeways and leaves the frozen forests of Canopy behind. Their next job is to deliver a parcel of glimmerwing dust to High Priest Jamos at the Isle of Chimes, a holy temple to the Lady of the Winds.

The journey through the void takes only a few days, but is plagued by more attacks from the spirit that has possessed the ship. Shrieks and shaking can be heard below deck and the crew is forced to take cover as unattended items are flung violently through the air. At one point, a mysterious force latches onto Clint and attempts to fling him into the void.

When the ship finally makes it to Bridgeways, the crew rushes quickly to the Isle of Chimes to deliver the parcel. In lieu of payment, the crew asks for the High Priest’s help in removing the rageful spirit that has possessed their ship.

Aspects of the Goddess

The High Priest agrees and introduces the crew to his two acolytes, Machael and Lauris. Though both very devout and gifted, they argue frequently over the nature of the Lady of the Winds and her many faces. Lauris revers the Aspect of Storms most highly as a route to quick power, while Machael believes enlightenment must come through the unity of all five aspects.

Lauris and Clint head to the ship to begin the exorcism, while Kentor and Tylan go with Machael to the underisles to apply the glimmerwing dust to the island’s fungus crops. Once out of earshot from each other, both Lauris and Machael express their frustration over the other’s misguided beliefs.

Blood and Stone

A broken bridge of black stone leads to the underisles, where the islanders inter their dead and also grow edible fungus for food. While Machael is treating the fungus crop with the glimmerwing dust, a child playing on the bridge trips and cuts her knee. As soon as the blood touches the black stone, patches of blood roses begin to grow rapidly. The roses seep a deep red sap which causes the dead pull themselves out of the ground and attack the heroes.

The crew fights bravely to save the farmers from the undead attack. Eventually the blood zombies are destroyed, but Machael is gravely wounded in the battle. He is taken immediately to the Isle of Chimes for treatment.

Exorcism of the Angel

On board the Angel of Chaos, Clint and Lauris call on the combined power of their gods to cause the malevolent spirit to manifest. When the specter materializes in the cargo bay, Clint is surprised to see that it is the ghost of the Bone Queen, a powerful Lich the crew confronted when they destroyed the Bright Cabal flagship.

Lauris calls on the power of the Aspect of Storms and engages the spirit in a frightening battle of wind and lightning. The cargo hold is damaged and scarred from the eldrich energies of the battle, but eventually the Bone Queen is defeated again and her spirit exorcised from the ship.

Session 08 - Ship Snare
The crew falls into a Bright Cabal trap
  • The Bright Cabal Trap
  • Surplus Weapons
  • A Storm in the Void

The Bright Cabal Trap

The crew departs Bridgeways and sets sail for the Shattered City. Warpriest Locke at the temple of the Battlelord on Gateway has contacted the group with a deal. The temple has excesses weapons from a recent expedition into the Shattered City and will sell the cargo to the group at a discount if they come pick it up.

As the crew approaches the Shattered City, their ship suddenly slows to a stop and a Bright Cabal ship filled with undead emerges from the nearby ruins to ambush them. The heroes’ ship is stuck in dense necromatic field and they must row quickly to escape the snare.

The Bright Cabal ship closes rapidly and grapples the heroes ship. Undead troops slide down the ropes onto the deck. The crew battles fiercely to repel the invaders while struggling to escape the necromatic field. Eventually they are successful and cut the ropes, sending undead tumbling into the void as they break from the trap and speed away.

Surplus Weapons

On Gateway, Warpriest Locke trades with the heroes for his surplus weapons and informs them that the priests at the Arena on Shadowhaven could use the weapons for their battle ceremonies. He gives them the name of a contact on Shadowhaven who will pay well for the weapons.

Jeche and Jarle, elven brothers who own the local tavern, overhear word of the excess weapons and approach Tylan with a proposition from the Boughbreakers. If the heroes will take the weapons to a Boughbreaker contact on Heartland instead, the Order of the Raven will pay double.

A Storm in the Void

The crew decides to take the weapons to aid the Boughbreakers in their fight to free more wildlings. They set sail from Gateway on a course to Heartland.

Several days into the journey through the void, a violent storm hits. Wind and sleet assault the vessel and a mighty vortex forms that sends the ship careening off course. The crew takes shelter below decks and emerges over a day later to find that the storm has passed, but they have been blown into an unknown area of the void.

They see an uncharted island drifting in the distance. As they approach in hopes of resupply, they see a single village in the middle of a dense forest at the heart of the island. There are no docks, so they row ashore in an island hopper and make their way through the forest to make contact with the locals.

Session 09 - Landfall (part 1)
The crew investigates an isolated island
  • Baa’Rokks, the Lost Village
  • Impending Landfall
  • Rescue Plans

Baa’Rokks, the Lost Village

At the center of the uncharted island is a strange village. The humans that inhabit it are fearful and reclusive. They wear simple clothes made of animal hide and their buildings are crude wooden structures. The crew enters the village in peace and eventually are confronted by the village leader and a band of warriors wielding stone spears.

The islanders welcome the crew and explain that they are the first new people to arrive at the island since the Sundering. The islanders believed they were the only people to survive the catastrophe and have dedicated their lives to appeasing the unnamed god that cursed them.

Impending Landfall

Shortly after the crew’s arrival in the village, a violent tremor strikes the island. The crew recognizes this as a sign that the island will soon experience Landfall and plummet out of the skies. They explain the situation to the village elders and offer to use their skyship to evacuate the islanders.

Though some villages are interested in a new life in the Skies, the village elders refuse. They see the tremor as a sign from their god that their salvation is close at hand. They denounce the crew, insisting that they were sent to lead them off the path of righteousness moments before their salvation is at hand. They banish the heroes from the village.

Rescue Plans

As the crew is leaving, the chief’s daughter, Mia’Joor, sneaks out after them. She explains that many in the village have had doubts about their devotion to their unnamed god and would love to go on their skyship to see the wonders they had described. Unfortunately the village elders would never allow it. They would be killed before being allowed to desert the village.

The crew tells Mia to begin making preparations for evacuation while they go to get more ships capable of carrying all the villagers. The heroes collect a bit of dirt from the uncharted island before departing once again for Heartland.

Session 10 - Landfall (part 2)
The crew enlists help to save a doomed village
  • Boughbreaker Rescue Ships
  • The Hunted
  • The Liberation of Baa’Rokks
  • A New World, A New Beginning

Boughbreaker Rescue Ships

On Heartland, the crew makes the weapons trade with their Boughbreaker contact in Roseport. They also mention the elven intelligence documents recovered from the Shepherd on Canopy. The Boubreakers are very interested in the documents as they list the names and orders of several prominent Shepherds. Such information would allow them to better protect freed wildlings from re-capture.

The heroes offer to trade the intelligence documents for help evacuating the people of Baa’rokks. The elves agree and dispatch two mercenary Boughbreaker ships to help with the rescue effort.

The Hunted

Sailing in the void several days out of Heartland, the crew becomes aware that they are being followed. They must have been recognized in Roseport because now an elven Shepherd is pursuing them. Rather than keep running, the crew decides to stop their ship and attempt to parley.

The elven Shepherd pulls alongside their ship and demands the return of the escaped wildlings currently serving on their crew. The heroes insist no wildings are on board, but the Shepherd doesn’t believe their story. He boards their ship with his hound ferals, but before he can uncover evidence of the wildlings, the crew ambushes him beneath deck.

The Shepherd is outnumbered and he and his ferals are quickly defeated. This time, the crew does not show mercy and there is no escape for the Shepherd. The bodies of the elf and his ferals are tossed into the void and the crew claims his elven skysloop for their own.

The Liberation of Baa’Rokks

The heroes and their Boughbreaker allies arrive back at the forgotten island of Baa’Rokks and park their ships high in the sky above the island so they can be seen from the village. An expedition is mounted to try and convince the village elders to reconsider their refusal to evacuate.

The village leadership remains adamant that they will not leave their homes. They have spent generations atoning for the transgressions of their ancestors and they will not allow outsiders to ruin their progress this close to their salvation.

Tylan points to the skyships and argues that if anything they were sent by their gods to save them, not condemn them. The villagers become more nervous as more tremors shake the island. Eventually, Tylan manages to convince the elders to allow those who wish to leave to evacuate. The villagers rush to gather what possessions they can before heading to the waiting rescue ships.

A New World, A New Beginning

With most of the villagers packed tightly on the small rescue fleet, the heroes and their Boughbreaker allies set sail for Gateway. There will be many opportunities for the refugees in the scavenger city. The village elders stay behind on Baa’rokks to await whatever fate their god has planned for them.

A new life awaits the hundred or so refugees as they step off the ships into Gateway and into the strange new world of the Skies. Some will seek work in the busy markets of the scavenger city, while others will board merchant ships to explore the new world that awaits. Mia’Joor, the chief’s daughter, joins the crew so she can accompany the heroes on their new adventures.

The heroes wish the refugees good luck in their new lives and set sail for Dragonspine to investigate rumors of Orcbane and mysterious murders potentially linked to an Artifact of Souls.


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